Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Timmentee Vertigo, CGC

Is time for another title party on the blog!  Yesterday took new test, for to be called a Canine Good Citizen.  Sidekick did not prepare self or train, so when was told that were getting new letters for name, was very surprised!

CGC is most important title, is skills that any well behaved dog should know.  Certainly the dog of a professional trainer!  So is good to have confirmation that, indeed, am good dog at the most basic levels of manners.

Always is important for the attention on Sidekick

Test item 1:  Accepting friendly stranger
Strangers so always most friendly!  Was told to sit and stay, while Sidekick talked to a friend.  Was not important for me!  Sidekick has her own crazy human conversations, and job of self is for to stay in sit!

Test item 2: Sitting politely for petting.
Was told to sit and stay, while always most friendly stranger petted all over!  But wiggled and wiggled and wiggled with butt on ground.  Tail going like propeller.  Did not jump, did not stand up!  Has always been important rule, that can not jump up.  Sometimes do anyway because am most excite, but when command is given, command is law.  Is never for to break a sit and stay.

Test item 3: Appearance and grooming
Was told to stand and stay, for that is always the way for to be groomed at home.  Was run over with a brush, which is most hate for self!  Always want to roll on back and get tummy scratch instead, but was in a stand and stay.  And when command is given, command is law.  Is never for to break a stand and stay.  Still, could not help but to lean into most friendly stranger and say, "Is time for the pettings now!"

Test item 4: Walking on a loose lead
Loose lead is the most easy thing, that have done since was 9 weeks old.  For confident security, was asked by Sidekick for to heel.  Know, heel work of self not yet up to obedience standards, but is most best for casual walking.  Paid attention to the turns and the sits, and only sniffed a few things.

Test item 5: Walking through a crowd
Is always the most best thing for to play on busy days!  Is for to go downtown to Farmers Market, or Friday Night Concerts, or random fairs and parades, and heel through the most squishy crowds!  The cramped space, the crazy sidestepping of people, all make the game of heel even most fun!

Test item 6: Sit and Down on command and staying in place
Nothing for to say for these, for are like eating ice cream for a super dog!  Most natural!

Test item 7: Coming when called
Will COME and COME and COME and COME to Sidekick and all the people!

Test item 8: Reaction to another dog
Had to walk, then stop so Sidekick could have silly human conversation with most friendly stranger, who was walking most friendly dog.  But leash time is never time for to play with others, this much has always been strict rule.  Only when am off leash.  So knew, was necessary to ignore other dog!

Test item 9: Reaction to distraction
Most friendly stranger go walking by, jangling such loud buckets!  Stood up with ears pricked, saying, what is noise?!  Is most interesting!  Must investigate!  Took steps towards, and stared with gentle face and happy tail.  Was the least scared or aggressive!

Test item 10: Supervised separation
Was now that was given to most friendly stranger and Sidekick walked away.  At first thought, no, is the least fair!  But Sidekick had said to down and stay, and when command is given, command is law.  Is never for to break a down and stay.  So stayed so calmly, watching quietly for Sidekick to come back.  Maybe, had just gone to Starbucks for drink, and will be back out in a few minutes.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


For all the week, am sleeping with Sidekick at house of Wyatt and JC!  Have learned many many rules at this new place.

1. When Wyatt has food, is not for self to take.
2. When JC wants to play, is always time for to play.
3. Always is time for to bark, for Wyatt and JC
4. Even when room smells like for to pee in, is not for to pee in.
5. Are many toys for to play with, and must play with each every day.
6. Is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC, for disagrees with tummy and makes so stinky.
6a. Even when can knock food bin over all by self, is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC.
6b. Even when only want one or two kibbles, is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC.
6c. Even when is unattended frozen kong, is not for self to eat food of Wyatt and JC.
7. Like at home of pack, upstairs is off-limits.
8. Though JC digs in plants that live inside, is not in the rules to do so.  Most forbidden.
9. Though JC plays with the cover for couch, is not in the rules to do so.  Most forbidden.
10. Although is always time to play when JC wants to play, play is for quiet and for outside.
11. Must not share the most delicious smelling clothes of Sidekick with Wyatt and JC.  Keep for self.

The rulebook in this house is long and crazy.  Am surprised that everywhere, everywhere, there are all the rules!  Never are there no rules.  Silly Sidekick, no rules for Superdogs.