Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Housebreaking: A good idea?

This Cattle Dog say, NO!  Housebreaking so most silly a concept.  Instead, will mess all over the house!

Might have something to do with new tasty treat that Sidekick keep in large bag.  Silly spy cat does pee in tasty treat, but that is wrong idea!  Is instead tasty treat for to eat!

Is wheat, yes?  Wheat is food, is for to eat, yes?  So, must eat right from bag before dumb spy cat ruins the tasty!

Sidekick now say, must all the time be supervised.  Not only to stop from eating tasty treat (because Sidekick so most dumb) but also to make self go outside regularly and not sneak away.

Most dumb.


  1. Before I khame to live here, The Doggy Nanny had a Persian snakhk named Cholla -

    Thanks to her, Khousin Merdie got to enjoy some of that khytty rokha I hear about!


    1. Khyra, it tastes most best! Would highly suggest, for you to try.

  2. How stupid that Sidekick of yours must be to not let you eat that wheat treat!! :) Just kidding! Riley never messes in the house, you gotta get with the program! But we don't have a cat, so she doesn't have any "wheat treats" to get into either...!

    Elyse and Riley

    1. Sidekick says, send Riley here to be on crate rest, and self can go to house of Elyse to be most best housetrained like Riley!

  3. My dogs love the cat box. It's high in fiber, literaly.


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