Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The case of the disappearing waist

Is time for to be fed again?  Has only been half hour since have been fed!  Will lick and lick and lick the food tub.  And lick and lick and lick.

Perhaps will nudge lid of food bowl.  Nudge and nudge and-- oh?  Can get lid open?  OH BOY!  Now is time for second breakfast!  And elevensies!  Will get the head all the way in the container.  Will get paws in container.  Thank goodness for no pack at home for to supervise!  Pack wants all food for self!

Both paws in container and woah!  So tumbly and turny.  Container goes, CRASH!  onto floor.  Kibbles skitter and scatter in all the directions.

Is time now to eat many pounds of food!  How many pounds?  Perhaps, 5 pounds!  Or maybe even 6!  Nothing can stop self!

So.  Full.  So most bloated a puppy.


  1. Yikes! We hope you are okay - that's a lot of kibble!


    1. Feeling the most better now! But am most sad, because food bins have now been put away. Silly human pack does not learn very fast so was hoping that food would stay forever.

  2. Oh dear! Banjo has done this too, in the past. So most not comfortable!
    (Banjo's latest attempt at eating that which not is to be eaten by dogs is Gaviscon (antacid) tablets - fortunately only 4 tablets. The were in a box in a bag hanging on a hook, so I don't even know how he got them out - unless he was so tempted by the chocolate bar in the bag, that he overcame his hip pain to jump up. He didn't get the chocolate bar, thank goodness.)

    1. Self so most needed antacid after all the food!


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