Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haiku Review #5

White and most fluffy
And always most for to chase
Clarissa kitty

Silly roaming dogs
Making all the craziness
Do not come back, dog

Leaves are most changing
Yellow and orange and red
Strange time, called "the Fall"

Eating all the food
So most delicious always
Nom and nom and nom

Ice balls from the sky,
Landing so most ouch on head.
Sad.  No walk today.


  1. Hi! So excited to see another ACD blog, can't wait to check out your archives! If you have time, check out ours.

    1. And same at you! ACD blogs are (shh, tell none of the other friends) the most best blogs.

      Living with so many, now that is a true pack. And special needs rescues are so most amazing. In house here, have deaf stupid spy cat, but that is all.

    2. wary of the spy cat, may only be pretending to be deaf.


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