Sunday, December 18, 2011

Searching through archives: Present for you!

Have all been so so patient. Thank you for patience. Enlisted help of videographer extraordinaire Tammy for show tricks!  Then never ever posted.  So here!  Please to be looking at old tricks!

First, am flop like fish.

Second, am beg so pretty.  Is unfortunate to be sideways, so press Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow.  When are done, press Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow.

Third, am stand like a people.  Should get new video of, because am still so good at.

Fourth, am jump on fence so so awesome.  Now have no fence to jump on so awesome.  Is tragic.

All but beg so pretty have come up with on own to show Jacinta. Am so clever.


  1. So thanks, friend! When next come over to house, will have to show all amazing tricks. Am more amazing in real life!

  2. Hi there Vertigo! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Riley can do that beg pretty trick too, but thankfully she doesn't know how to jump a fence...phew!

    It's great to have another Cattle Dog on here! There's also Norwood and Stumpy that are cattle dog bloggers too! Norwood's blog is Norwood Unleashed and Stumpy's blog is Stumpy's Daily Dose of Dirtville. They're both cattle dog mixes, but still.

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Thanks also for stopping by! So love to meet new people and especially other cattle dogs! Will have to check out Norwood and Stumpy!


Have been so confused! So love to meet new people, but not all people introduce selves. Please to be commenting with registered account so that can get to know! When know each other, will moderate comment onto site!