Friday, December 16, 2011

Most Evil of Stepmummies

Was both good and bad thing other day, when Evil Stepmummy come over!!!

Saw first when was walking up driveway, and then could not contain excitement!  Began to bark and squiggle with glee.  Door was knocked at, and sidekick made sit and stay.  When was bit calm, door was opened, and there was best Evil Stepmummy!  Was so excited for to see, and jumped and jumped and jumped.

But then.  Evil Stepmummy so cruel and evil.  Would not say hello to.  So to make say hello, jumped more and more and more, and squiggled in circles.  But would not say hello to.  So pushed between legs and looked up to say, "Do not ignore!  So love Evil Stepmummy!  MUST GIVE LOVE!"  But would not say hello to.

Was so frustrate.  Had instead to chew on Cookie sister, because was too excite to stay still.  But sidekick made stop chewing on sister, because she still hurt from surgery.

Could not comprehend!  Why was so cruel that would not say hello!  Began to think very hard about how evil was Evil Stepmummy.  And then!  Evil Stepmummy say hello!  HELLO HELLO HELLO EVIL STEPMUMMY!

Please to be never leaving.


  1. Evil Stepmummy is so evil that she tries to make you behave your very best all the time!

    But she loves you a lot and is so happy to see you!

  2. Will forgive. Was also happy to see today!!!


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