Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year Quiz

Happy New Year to all!  Good bye 2011 and hello 2012!

1.What was your favourite thing about this past year? Moving to America to live with pack!

2.Who was your best friend? Is so always Jacinta, though Cookie and Evil Stepmummy very close.

3.Did you fall in love this year? Met many new friends to love!  Most particular, Cookie.  Also new dog friend Kipper.  And many fun people!

4.Did you get your heart broken? Heart was so broke every time Jacinta leave house without.

5.Did you get a new car? No, Jacinta sell Lav-lav away to squiggly lady.

6.Did you go somewhere exciting? So many places were excite!  Went to Washington DC, and of course many Los Alamos hikes, and to Strand, and to Pallarenda, and much else!

7.Did you have a resolution last year and did you keep it? Am perfect, just the way am!

8.Did you dye your hair? Fur already so perfect.

9.Did you lose any friends? Yes, missed to hang out with Bella at dog park, and also no longer can see Townsville friends.  So miss.

10.Did you make any new friends? Have already asked same question about love!  Friends so love.

11.How much do you think you changed? Became less squiggly and more mature, but still so energetic and fun!

12.Did you grow at all? Yes, was 1st birthday in April, and was still growing until then!

13.Was your birthday special? Was very first one!  Indeed special.

14.How did school go for you? Was so good for to graduate from cover dog school!  But am homeschooling now and cannot wait to go back to classes.

15.Do you regret anything you did? Regrets so silly.

16.Do you regret anything you didn’t do? Would have liked for to have more walks and more foods, but do not regret.

17.What are you most thankful for this past year? Am most of all thankful for Evil Stepmummy, who so good to sidekick when sidekick need more than puppy love.

18.Did anyone you love die this year? Yes, so miss man who gives chicken.

19.How many significant others did you have? Each and every person so significant!  Each is best person ever!

20.Did you get in trouble a lot? Did so.  Sometimes am naughty dog.  Love all the things too much.

21.Who will be your midnight kiss and is this the person you want it to be? Hear tell from Jacinta that will be having party in "Apple Turkey".  Sounds most delicious, but am not invited.  Is afraid will eat all the apples and all the turkey.  Will be stuck in lair and will have no kiss.
22.What’s your resolution for the next year? For to gain two you-knee degrees, name of CD (Companion Dog) in Obedience and RN (Rally Novice) in Rally-O. 

23.Where are you partying for the new year? In lair, most alone.

24.If you could change one thing about the last year, what would it be? Would wish for to have Jacinta not be so sad.  And also for to have had more Agility training days.

25.Do you think next year will be better than this one? Will so hope.  Hope so best thing.


  1. Vert I'll be your midnight kiss. All my friends are ditching me so you will not have to be alone.

  2. Vertigo! I love your quizzes very much. And I'm sorry I'm taking Jacinta away for New Year's Eve. I bet you'll be asleep at midnight though, and I bet she'll celebrate with you the next day. So don't fret too much.

  3. Sister Kathy- So thanks! Can not wait for all the kisses!

    Evil Stepmummy- Am grumpy at for stealing mummy, but still so love so will forgive.

  4. Apple Turkey... where's a lol face when you need one? XD


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