Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poor sister Cookie

Yesterday so unfortunate.  Has been since weeks and weeks, that Cookie has not been feeling so well.  Veterinarian said, was bladder stones and needed to have surgery, like when was new-tered.  So yesterday Cookie went to have surgery.  Was cut open for two hours and had nearly 50 small stones taken out of her bladder!  Just like she maybe drunk gravel!  Was also one gigantic, like river stone.  Over inch long, so crazy.  Is so good that stones are out.

 Makes hurt just to think about.

But is so more unfortunate, because big sister too tired to play.  Instead is lying on floor and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.  Smells sickly and sore.  Can tell is painful but also can tell, is taking powerful pain pills much stronger than ones that had when nail was ripped.  Is making drowsy and droopy, but hopefully not so much pained.

 Sister Cookie says, please to be going back to sleep now.

Cannot wait for to play with big sister once again, but until then shall just sleep all together like pack and send good healing vibes.

Will all nap soundly.

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