Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweeping out dust bunnies... then eating dust bunnies!

Hello to all loyal and true readers!  Wanted first to say, so thanks for reading blog so far.  Has been amazing year and half, can not believe have been doing for that long already!  Is really great to share adventures, and especially so love to be getting comments from caring and honest readers!

Blog has been growing, more readers every day.  As grandmother of great superhero once said, "With great power comes great responsibility!"  Or wait, maybe that not apply so much.  What am trying to say, is that recently have been having issues with spam comments.  Comments that not truly have much to do with blog at all.  Blogger have pretty good filters and so thankfully spam go quickly away.

Unfortunate of that though, means that maybe real comments become filtered.  Do not like for true comments from nice people to not go through, because so love to meet all people in world!  So reason for this post today twofold.  First, to apologize if have made honest and appropriate comment that accidentally been deleted.  Can thank rude spammers for unwanted comments that require moderation.  If comment was unfairly and for no reason deleted, are welcome to introduce self again!

Second, to try and solve so that no more am spammed.  Have decided to put in place comment moderation and identification requirement.  Is most polite, to always introduce self!  Would so like to know who are, and how know in real life or if not know in real life, how came across blog!  Am curious dog and like to know all about readers.  Also need to be sure no evil spy cats are commenting on blog.  Will be trying to check Blogger few times in week to ensure that can read all new posts as soon as possible, to allow on blog.

Again thanks, know is no fun for comments to be not seen!  Hopefully with new moderations, can sort out, and blog can be safe place that is empty of spies!


  1. Hi Vertigo!

    I can't remember when I stumbled on your blog, I've been following your adventures for a while now!

    I'm sidekick to two rescued kelpie's - Superdog Karma and Superdog Bellybutton!! Well, Bellybutton used to be Bella, but we didn't really like that one. And she really is a Bellybutton kind of dog!!

    From what you've said, Superdog Karma and you wouldn't get along so well. She likes to bounce and pounce and wrestle, even if shes only just met you! So we are working on her introducing herself politely first.

    Superdog Bellybutton is a bit scared to meet new dogs. She was rescued from a not so nice place, and thinks that new dogs are going to hurt her. But she is getting better and once you get to know her, she is gentle and sweet - not bouncy and pouncy.

    We are learning how to use the clicker to train both our Superdogs, and they are coming along well!

    I'm glad to hear you are settling into your new home, even if it is cold cold cold. Thinking of you from lovely warm Brisbane :)

    Take care

    Sidekick Ky

  2. Hello Ky, and Karma and Bellybutton! So thanks for introduction. Hear tell, Kelpies so feral beasts, but sometimes think are fun anyway.

    Bellybutton sounds like nice little dog, would like to meet. But are right, Karma not so much. Think, maybe am more comfortable with other dogs now that have had big sister Cookie around.

    Clicker so best! Is best way to get human to learn and give treats and play and pets whenever are desired.

    Say hello to warm weather for!

  3. Hi Vertigo, you remember me. I have been following your blog since the very first entry. Uncle Banjo sends his best woofs. He has had to give up sleuthing due to an old war injury to his hips.


Have been so confused! So love to meet new people, but not all people introduce selves. Please to be commenting with registered account so that can get to know! When know each other, will moderate comment onto site!