Monday, December 12, 2011

Chilled to the bone

Has been so cold.  So cold so cold so cold.  So so so cold.  Cannot find more ways for to say how cold is.  When go outside, desire for to go inside again right away.

Will stare at door until door opens.

 Then when go inside, cuddle up with tail over nose.  But still even after that am cold.  Am therefore thankful for to have such nice and wonderful family pack.  All of sudden feel toasty comfy.  Look around and realize is nice warm blanket tucked around.  Is so great.  Time to cuddle down and breathe out and sleep so happy.

 Plus also blanket is same colour as own fur.
At night is even colder.  But thank goodness have puffy warm bed in lair in room.  Lie into puffy bed and curl up, then even get blanket again on top and fall right asleep.  Is best life ever.

Would rather sleep on bed with sidekick, but will be cozy here anyway.


  1. Banjo says "Hi Vertigo - I think snow is so fun too! We have a new puppy person in the house. He is fun and drops food for me from the highchair. He also runs up, pats my nose and runs away squealing! is ...interesting... But my hips are too sore to jump up and play much."

  2. So love people puppies! Wish, could come and play and play and play with. Hope you will enjoy him much!


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