Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please to be having MORE chocolate!

Was just evening like any other.  Jacinta and Mother of Jacinta were watching some silly TV show so happy.  Then both had to go out and leave alone for few minutes.  Felt so alone and dejected, but!  Was happy thing that was left all alone for to eat.   Tasty chocolate!  Munched and munched so speedy quick and deliciously.  When Jacinta and her mother come back, were so unhappy to discover, that had eaten chocolate!

Next was so unfair.  Jacinta call person on phone, must have been crazy evil person or something, and told to do bad things!  Jacinta put liquid in squirty thing, then her mother grab and hold so tight while Jacinta open jaws and squirt!  Taste so disgusting and gag.  But know, Jacinta does not pay by hour to be vomit machine.  So keep mouth clamped tight.  Then her mother grab again and Jacinta pry open mouth again and squirt!

Try to say no!  Tell Jacinta no!  Must not to listen to evil person on phone!  Must not poison!  Do not believe enemy!  But again, Jacinta pry mouth open and squirt.  And still knew, must be strong.  Must not throw up.  Even though Jacinta take outside, and even shake back and forth a bit, must not throw up.

Jacinta obviously so brainwashed!  Put in car and took away from house!  Was evil person on phone, wanting to kidnap, and Jacinta going right into trap!  Was distressed.  Was not right for to happen!  Must stop!

Then got there to office of veterinarian, who so know is always always in league with spies.  Was not at all happy when had to go inside to vet.  Gave so sad face to Jacinta and also to veterinarian.  Tried to tell that all was wrong with world!  But did not listen.  Vet came with needle.  Needles always so venomate!  Needle went into vein in arm and all of sudden, could not be strong and had to throw up.  Was so ashamed to be vomit machine, just like Jacinta tell not to be.  And was so sad to lose delicious chocolate and raisins.

 Was most sad thing in world.

Ended up being okay thing at end though!  Guess, veterinarian had change of heart and realize, should not be mean to.  So made most delicious food.  Was first soft food and then also wonderful addition of black goo!  Black goo most delicious to eat with can of food.  Wish could have shared with all, and also wish could eat every day.  But just wish did not have to have all sad things happen first.

Please to be having more delicious black goo food, Mrs. Veterinarian!


  1. Oh no!! Chloe ate lots of chocolate fudge one time and had to go through the exact same thing as you! No fun.

    We can't believe all your humans don't trust you around the presents!!! Riley doesn't bother them as long as they aren't food!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. Do you even know what that black stuff was?

  3. Do so know what black stuff was! Was stuff made of delicious! Name of charcoal.


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