Monday, January 2, 2012

Noticed crazy thing today!

Can not believe had not noticed yet before!

Was just walking along with sidekick, on side of road.  Was on right side of road, which like, because then can always see cars coming and know, will not get run over.
 Correct way for to be driving on road.   (Credit)

But then.  All of sudden, big roar and whoosh!  And car come flying past all of sudden from behind.  Turned around so shocked.  Was driver did not know how to drive!  Idiot driver!

Began to walk again.  But then!  Roar and whoosh!  More stupids!  Stupid stupid stupid!  Had to be so upset with dangerous idiot drivers.

WRONG way for to be driving on road. (Credit)

Jacinta had to explain.  And now like said, can not believe had not realized already!  America so backwards to Australia in many ways.  Is normal and polite and healthy and safe for to drive on right side of road, not left!

Makes head hurt just to think about.

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