Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ew, what is that slimy thing?

Is just self!  Am just pretending to be slug.  Is fun for to be slug!  Sluggy sluggy sluggy sluggy.  Just slugging along on slippery tile floor, and being so warm and silly while at it.

Will be good for future.  Is always important to have ways for surveillance.  Now know, can make quite impressive and convincing slug.  If must spy, will just sit on ground and say, "See?  Am just slug."  Maybe will try to sit on leaf like real slug.  And can have different slug costume depending on place.  Some places, slugs just brown.  Is type of slug, that am being.  but in other places, are bright yellow slugs!  Can put on yellow costume and be banana slug.  Plus yellow so favourite colour.
  And if get tired of being brown or yellow...

Are even blue slugs!  Do not joke!


  1. Indeed, am the most cute slug of all!

  2. Yep your interpretation of a sluggers is spot on. Genius.

    1. So thanks, Norwood! Can teach all surveillance tricks, if so wish.

      How to be slug: Find blanket. Lie in blanket. Squiggle, but not so much that blanket falls off.


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