Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tug Tug Tug, Tug Tug Tug.

When a house with two young dogs in it is quiet, something is wrong...

Once I finally realized that the place was eerily silent, I turned around from the book I had been reading.  These two guys usually play like human brothers-- one minute chasing each other around, then all of a sudden one gets irritated with the other, "Stop it!  STOP IT!  MOOOOOOMMMM, he's hitting me!" and a vocal argument breaks out between them.  When I turned around though, the two were playing cooperative tug-of-war.  No vocalizations, just calm back and forth pulling.  The only issue?  They were playing with the socks I had just taken off.
 The victims.

The culprits, looking very pleased with themselves.

In the end I decided to let them have at it, since I value good dog-on-dog socialization more than I value their good decision making on which of my belongings need to be destroyed and which don't!

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