Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For all the life, have always had an important knowledge that have always shared with Sidekick.  Knowledge is this:  Cats are the most evil of spies.  When cat is in yard, is always the most important for to chase out.  And cats may never, EVER, be in house, lest the spies get all the superdog information.

So, with that in mind, what is THIS?  Sidekick and pack go directly against the knowledge to allow one right into the home!  Must tell them, "No, NO, NO!" by barking and being crazy-like.  But none are listening.  And now the cat has set up headquarters in house of pack.

Is so sneaky and fluffy that have convinced Sidekick that should be named Clarissa and kept forever.  Evil evil evil evil evil.  Shows the evil in many ways.  First, by staring at all the people.

"Pet me.  No, go away.  I changed my mind, pet me."
"Now feed me.  Wait, where are you going?"

Then, by attacking all the things.


"See what I am doing to this string here?"
  "Picture that as your head if you don't feed me."

Says mean and rude things to Cookie and self then taunt by running.  And makes so most frenzied that was introduced to a most evil control collar. Never was pulled, but was a big threat from evil cat.  Is a collar made of claws of cat that was attached to leash for many days.

Why to be wearing?  With the prongs and the claws and the pinch and the squeeze?
And then acts the most cute as if to even think to be evil would be the most crazy.

All of these tricksy tricks have gotten the pack under her claws.  Even the rules get to be different.  Evil cat allowed upstairs, and allowed on all the things.
Evil cat sits on arm of couch

Please to be also having new rules like cat?  And to be allowed on all the things?
IS TIME TO LEAVE NOW, CAT.  Goodbye, goodbye, please to be going outside and eaten by ky-oh-tee coyote (always with the new Spanish words).

Sidekick says no, is for cat to stay with pack forever.  LEAST FAIR.


  1. This is NOT right!! What in the world was your Sidekick thinking. You need to get rid of that cat ASAP! And making you wear a prong collar! How rude! :)

    Happy Tuesday!

    Elyse and Riley

    1. Will perhaps come and live there? With nice cattle dog family? Riley and self will get along, promise!

  2. Sidekick must not have remembered how much you like to chase cats out of the yard. Hmm, maybe you can team up with evil spy cat to find out the secrets of the outside cats? Maggie and Duke have 4 indoor spy cats that they do not chase, and wild cats that they chase outside.
    They're allowed on the couch with the cats, but not on the back like you were in the last picture!

    1. What most good idea! Evil spy cat not allowed outside, something about not being able to hear, but she sometimes sneak out anyway, probably to share secrets. Will pin cat to ground and say, "Spill! What are secrets?!"

  3. Aww poor Vertigo Trinity feels sorry for you. She to believes the cats are evil and must be disciplined. But I think she is soooo cute! The white fur is gorgeous but will get on everything that's he worst thing about having a cat. But I'm sure you two will be great pals even if she is an evil insider ;)

    1. Cookie has white fuzzy fur already, so is not so much a big deal with the fur. Agree with Trinity about the cat. Trinity must come here for to help punish the cat!


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