Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog-Proof Fence

Mummy of sidekick been doing the most gardening!  All the pretty plants have gone in and was most excited for to be able to run though, and roll in, and tear up.

But no.  Mummy of sidekick teamed up with NEW ARCHNEMESIS.  Is called the fence, and stretches over all the place that used to run and jump through.  Is protecting these lovelies: 

 Is a desert willow, that much is known.

Some pinkish flower   

 And one that is most red

And what is most worst, is that The Fence is a most camera hog.  Loves for to have all the photos of, and none more of me.  Most evil.

Get out of the shot!


  1. Vertigo, the pink and red ones are called fence-de-mons!

  2. Oh, no! Poor Vertigo. Can't you just jump over or dig under?

    1. Nonono, only agility jumps are for to jump over. And also sometimes front doors without screens.


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