Saturday, August 11, 2012

Downtown Dogs

New Townsville sometimes can be such great a place.  For instance, sometimes on Friday nights.

Is time for to get in the car and go for drive!  And then drive to the most favorite store, Pet Pangaea!  Get out and there are many dogs there.

When all are introduced, is time to walk and walk and walk!  Must be polite walking puppy, with no pulling.  Can do easy-pants.  Walk all the way around downtown, smelling all the things and getting to know the other many dogs!  Is like one giant pack.

Puppies are the most worst, with the whining and the jumping and the general crazy.  Would always like for to growl and growl.  But on this walk, Sidekick made up game.  Puppy comes up to sniff, and as soon as gets close, get to hear a 'click!' then walk away from the puppy.

When get to go back to store, is time for getting tasty treats from store manager!  This week was frozen yogurt, yum yum yum!  Will nom all up.

Is a delicious for to eat?


  1. You Sidekick is smart to think of the puppy "click" game. Good job on not growling at the crazy puppies!

    1. Was such a great game that now, can almost not wait until can meet another puppy, and hopefully will get more clicks!

  2. Ah the crazy puppy antics. Boy I don't miss that!


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