Saturday, August 4, 2012

Learning about music

Sometimes Sidekick and Evil Stepmummy are most evil, and leave self at home and do not let have fun. On the weekend was one such time.  Was for to go to a concert, and they say, “No Vertigo, you not care about music.  Stay home.”  And was the least fair.  So think, maybe will pay more attention to music.  Will learn the words to all the songs and then next time, will get to go!  Yes, this is the most best plan.  What song first to learn?

Okay, okay, so I hear.  Will now sing and repeat to learn:

Everyhead is in a head over a head and in a head
Eight seconds in and over time
She’s on your head
She’s sitting on your head

Wow, this song talks much about heads.

 Most best!  Next song please.

What kills you makes you stronger
Even though it kills you
Am so most lonely when am alone

Am a little confused!  How would be killed and also stronger?  Hmmm... know!  Must be about eating all the delicious food until are ready to explode!

Was a good song!  Will learn another song.  Called Mr Know-It-All.

Mr. Know it all,
Your name is Mr. Know it all 
And I know your name is Mr. Know is all 
Because it says so in the song... y’all!

Easy!  Will be the best for to learn all the songs.

Next week, will try and learn a new song.  All the readers can learn songs with!

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