Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah mr sneke i see you are wering your fance top

Met new toy friend today.  Is name of Mr. Coconut.  Mr. Coconut very squiggly and so good to chew.  Here is story of how met him.
 Was lazy rainy afternoon.  Only, not so lazy for.  Was so much energied!  So Jacinta took for walk.  Instead of walk, decided to go to park with swings and run around.  Was so good!  Ran and ran like craziness but always check back.  Do not want to lose Jacinta.  Ran like cuteness puppy.

Then.  What is that?  Is large brown thing!  Smells so good.  Mmm.  Feels good on teeth.  Will bark at you, large brown thing!  Will bark and bark and bark!  And will chew!

Jacinta would kick Mr. Coconut and could go chase and tackle and trip over.  Was so good tackle.  Completely knock with head and body, and move around like so.  Would bite and bite and bite.  Soon, Mr. Coconut began to fall apart.  Was strip on Mr. Coconut.  Could pick up and swing round and round!  And when wanted Jacinta to pick up and throw, would either bark and bark and bark or would lie down and stay and stay and stay.  Or both.  Or sometimes would lie down and scoot back and back and back and make funny throat noise of excitement.

Mr. Coconut more exciting than Tammy Lady even.  Tammy Lady came but played only with Mr. Coconut.  He so fun.  Want to go back and see tomorrow.  But today, had to go, because was getting dark and wet.  Mr. Coconut had to sleep. 

Good Night!

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