Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taught Jacinta new good trick.

Oftendays, zoom around house thinking, am bored and hungry. Wonder, what can do is fun can get food? Other day, figured out what can do. Is simple really. Many days, Jacinta makes food. Is good food for Jacinta, like Chunkers only so tastier. Yet not so tasty like bones. But so Jacinta makes food. Is sometimes, makes food and goes to get thing from room. What is to do but go into kitchen while Jacinta is away? Look up, and can see food.

Hello, sammiches. Would like to eat and eat and eat.

Is only one simple answer. Must have been left there as test. As to see if can reach. Why else would leave food on counter where can see and reach? So jump up and eat food so up before Jacinta is back. Have done 3 or 4 times now. Sometimes is only crumbs, but sometimes is frozen chips, or corn cob all is cooling. Corn cob most delicious and crunchy. This time, Jacinta come back in time to get food. Have failed the game. Must do better in future.

Oh? Jacinta? Hello. Did not see there. Am only keeping sammiches safe from evil villians.

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