Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just great.

"Council has recently received a complaint alleging that your animal is causing a noise nuisance. Council's Local Law (Keeping and Control of Animals) requires the owner of any animal to effectively prevent it from causing a noise nuisance.

Council has not yet investigated this matter and this letter does not suggest that Council accepts that the complaint is justified.

Please be advised that a fourteen (14) day diary has been forwarded to the complainant who has been requested to complete the said diary prior to any further investigation by Council. Should this complainant wish to lodge another complain in relation to your animal then they will need to submit the completed diary for Council's consideration.

On receiving the said diary from the complainant, Council's officers will review the documentation.

If we receive confirmation that the noise unreasonably interferes with quality of life in the area, we will be required to take further action and you could be issued with a penalty infringement notice of $200.00 or a 'show cause' notice as to why you should be allowed to keep the animal on the property.

We urge you to critically examine whether or not your animal may be creating excessive noise. There are a number of businesses including local vets and animal trainers that may be able to assist you if your animal is causing a a noise nuisance.

Should you require any further information in regards to this matter, please contact the Customer Service Centre during normal office hours."

...Awesome. Will have a mildly less depressing post later in the week... or maybe a rant about this.

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  1. Oh, no! If it is any comfort, we have been there. It is a horrible feeling. Fortunately, the animal services people found there was not excessive noise.


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