Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magnetic Island Adventures

Most of pack went over to island house to stay there, so thought, okay, will go with for few days. But first things first, must go on most evil boat. Remember boat from when was puppy. But is now worse thing about boat.

Can not bite and bite and bite.

At least finally got off most evil of boats. Next went on quite lovely walk to house. No sadness there. Is so good to walk with pack and showed off most excellent training of Jacinta. When want treat, run so far away. Make her yell “Come!” Then run towards her and when get to her, am fussed over and get kibble or sometimes, even nice steak.

When got to house, had to sniff and sniff and sniff. Had not been in many months, since was just young puppy. Was good to be back. Young human pups tried to get to go in pool water. Said no thank, can not touch bottom with paws. Will only go in to bit where can touch bottom with paws.

Luckily, pool is not only water on Magnetic Island. Very next day, went to Horseshoe Bay. Also remember as young pup. This time, chased waves and also, was brave enough to swim in ocean water when stick was thrown. But is bad thing. Swallowed so much water when getting stick. Got so sick. Sicker than have ever felt. Was at same time so thirsty and did not want to drink. Jacinta thought, might need to take to vet (remember vet lady on island? She work with evil people to venomate, but also know Men In Black to get rid of aliens). But then, began to feel better and was okay. Jacinta say, can not ever fetch sticks from water again.

Will miss sticks but at least is still most wonderful beach.

Went on other beaches too, not just Horseshoe. Learned this trip, dogs okay on Geoffrey Bay, as long as on leash! Well, tell nobody, but am super dog and so was not always on leash. One time lady glared at, though do not see why. Was on leash far before would bother. But aside from glaring lady, many mornings would go down and practice cover school work with Jacinta. Would stay and stay and stay and heel and heel and heel. Was good to heel, for Jacinta could draw patterns in sand to follow. Then would not have to get confused during training practice. Did so well with heeling practice! This week, will go back to classes and am excite, to show off.

Other fun new thing from island! Is riding in back of ute! Just like cattle dogs of yore! Felt proud and fun and grown-up to be chained in back of ute. Could stick tail straight up and stick head over side with nose in air and feel wind rushing by.

Wonder if will go to Island again while pack is here. Am not sure whether want to or not. Most evil boat is most evil, but class practice on beach and riding in ute, not to mention herding young human pups as if are cattle, are all lovely. Suppose will see, and when have more adventures, will let know!!!!!

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