Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dog Park Woes

Do not like dog park. Keep trying to tell Jacinta how do not like dog park. Only like few dogs, not when rude dogs come and sniff and tackle and pounce and bite. Must snarl at to keep away, because can not get away by running. Feel very boxed in.

Even though tried and tried to tell Jacinta did not like dog park, would still take there. Would have to tell did not like by growling and snapping. Finally got the hint to extent. Now will only go early in afternoon when only one or two calm dogs in there, and not stay for very long. Will just sniff other dogs and keep walking. Is okay, though would much rather go on rollerblade or on swimming.

But here is fun thing! Can not believe have never been before. Is called Cape Pallarenda, and is beach where can run and run and run! Are other doggies there to play with and guess what, am not scared of, because know have plenty of space to run away from. Would very much like to go again and again and again!

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