Sunday, May 29, 2011

25 ways to make mess

1. Eat out of trash

2. Chew nice bones on carpet

3. Drag comfort towel outside, then back in. Shake and repeat until floor is covered with dust and grass.

4. Wait until floor mats have been in use for a bit. Pick up and shake.

5. Pull pillows off couch

6. Pull clean clothes off line

7. Roll all over bed before it is made to get fur stuck in sheets

8. Roll all over bed after it is made to mess up blankets

9. Shed everywhere

10. Bring sticks inside to chew

11. Move shoes from the shoe pile

12. Play with recycling

13. Chew up food measuring cup

14. Chew up clothes pins

15. Pull trees apart in yard

16. Distract Jacinta before she has time to clean her dishes

17. Lick dishes sitting on endtable

18. Put toys in middle of floor so others trip while carrying things

19. Dig water out of water bowl

20. Drool on floor

21. Get stick stuck in thoat then vomit on floor

22. Rip up plastic bag

23. Play in water and wait until are inside to shake off

24. Lick floor of shower

25. Find open cupboard and knock over all the things

With right materials and bit of practice, you too can make messes like pro!

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