Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mind Control is dirty trick.

Do not know what is what. Cannot think since have been punished by evil neighbours, with collar of doom. Cannot have fun during day with keeping birds out of yard or talking to other dogs. Must be quiet. And when am quiet all day, am so energied when Jacinta comes home. Cannot contain excitement. When before was so quiet when Jacinta came home, now must bark so high pitched. So high pitched cannot be sprayed by collar. And will bark and bark and bark and whine and whine and whine for minutes and minutes.

Will do same thing at training when am tied up. Cannot stand for when Jacinta walks even two steps away. Will begin to scream. If Jacinta goes out of sight am okay and will be quiet but vigilant awaiting return. But here is thing. When Jacinta back in sight, begin to scream again. Know that screaming only makes Jacinta walk out of sight but cannot stop myself. Do not know why am doing it. Is so strange. Feel maybe am being mind controlled by collar. Jacinta been saying, maybe will need to get in a professional mind control fixer. One even better than her that has been working in mind control fixing for long long time. Because even when Jacinta try to fix, seems only to make mind control worse.

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