Tuesday, May 24, 2011

See how much am learning!

Had many fun today. Went to park and played in mud! Would dig and dig and dig and bark and bark and bark. Also dragged large stick around and shook water all over Jacinta.

Training going well for both cover school and Superdog School.

In cover school, have been having to play the heel game a bit, but mostly have to sit-stay and down-stay. Can do fine at home but is difficult for at class because other dogs so dumb and distracting. Also in class are learning to stand-stay. Is seriously difficult for, because love to meet people. People so lovely. And can not say hello to instructor when have to stand stay. Other thing are learning is come and finish. Are easy because have been learning since was just young pup. Loved to show off at class and do perfectly, and instructor and people classmates all praised.

In Superdog School, am learning many things. First, am learning where are two poles sticking out of ground. Must run through. Then poles get turned so must run through but alongside. Is confusing.

Second, am learning tire jump. Is round hole that must jump through. When jump through, am allowed to run through tunnel. Is many fun.

Third, am learning many jumps. Are 5 jumps set up in row, with little space to run between. Must bounce, bounce, bounce! Bouncing so silly though. Think, would be better if jumped two jumps at once!

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