Friday, May 13, 2011

Evil dogs getting sneaky.

Was calm afternoon yesterday. Was just minding own business and relaxing in house. All of sudden, Jacinta noticed dog in front yard! Being only human that is, went to "rescue" it. Dog was beautiful merle black and white, and large with floppy ears. Acted so shy but came to Jacinta. Was also so skinny. But when brought up to door, knew. Just KNEW. Was a disguise! Was a trap! Evil dog trying to get into house! Would not stand for! Barked and barked and growled and growled to defend house and family. Tried to get to GO AWAY.

Jacinta tried to explain how dog was so skinny and had no tags, so must take to vet to get microchip scanned. Was so scared for, to be trapped in car with EVIL dog. When drove off, thought would never see again. And was gone for so long. Really thought was kidnapped and would have to go save.

According to Jacinta, went to vet's office to check for chip, but had no chip, so had to take dog to other vet's office where could be taken care of for the weekend. After weekend, think vet's office will call pound to come and pick dog up. Jacinta sad on this point, but should not be. Is GOOD for EVIL DOG to go to jail. Hopefully will not see ever again.

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