Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not only a Squatter but a whole Infestation

Augh!  Whatever is this MADNESS?!  Little wormy, squirmy, things have taken over the house!

 One, two, three, four,... more than four, more than four, more than four, more than four, more than four, more than four...

Sidekick explains, though self does not exactly understand.  Squatter is name of Penny.  Penny was being given away by some guy named Craig?  Craig had her on his list or something like that.  And Sidekick said, this breed by name of Pit Bull would have the worst time of it when given away by Craig.  Could end up in all sorts of places.

 Bright pink face of "Opal"

Especially was important because Penny was full of these infestation worms.  And the infestation might have ended up in the wrong places as well.  And Sidekick, she care about all the critters and all the things, including Squatters and Infestations.  Is most ridiculous.

 At least Squatter is skinny now, just like asked for to be!... now to be leaving?

Squatter Penny was a most frightened one at first and was so sad to be taken away from her old family.  Although she lived always outside and not with her people, she liked the company of her boyfriend, a dog with name of Rottweiler, and company of her 7 month old puppy.

All lined up in a row

Squatter Penny would at first not look Sidekick in the eye.  And will not learn the smart thing of going Hurry Up outside.  Only would go inside when Sidekick would not look.  Was frightened to be hit or yelled at.  But soon Squatter Penny became more confident and happy.  And Squatter Penny at least will ignore Self and Deaf Cat.  Is at least polite of her.

Tiny paws which kind of look like puppy paws. "Amber"

Only one week with Sidekick and self and Squatter Penny looks more and more like she has swallowed pupmkin.  And then comes the infestation!
 This worm is called "Onyx"

Sidekick say, will only need to handle infestation for 8 weeks and then infestations will move out with families who will for some reason, want a wormy thing in their house.  Infestations will be sure to get "Spade" and "New-tered" so that will never get infested themselves.  So that is what "new-ter" did for self!  Am most thankful that never had an infestation growing inside of self.

 Snuggly "Granite" and "Nickel"

Squatter Penny will one day move out too and find a new home.  Sidekick say it may be much longer than 8 weeks, even very much longer.  Something to do with her being grown-up and a Pit Bull.  Why would people want an infestation worm instead of a nice grown-up like self?  No idea.  Squatter Penny will also be "spade" so that no more infestations will ever happen.


Anybody know a friend who wants an infestation worm, or a Squatter?


  1. Khwite the khute load of worms and Skhwatter!

    Thanks SO much fur kharing!


  2. HA! We were right!! Oh Vertigo, your sidekick is a wonderful, wonderful person for taking in Penny and giving her a nice, safe place for herself and her babies.

    I love the names for the little ones. I sure hope you'll have time to tell us more and share more photos.


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