Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What?! Infestation Wormies are Evolving!


From this...
 One worm still is even slimy here

To this...
 Perhaps is like a pig?

To this...

These things starting to look kind of familiar... memories are coming back...


You mean these are puppies?!  No way.  This is just as bad as infestations!  What is self supposed to do with so many puppies in the house?  And they are getting so most big and they will take up all the space!


  1. Replies
    1. Puppies are belonging to the Penny-Squatter, who just showed up one day in Sidekick's car.

  2. Snicker, snicker! Just think of all the fun you can have playing with them when they get bigger. You can teach them stuff too!

    I am so glad that there are more pictures, they're so cute - in a non-ACD way of course!

    1. Is a shame though, that though can teach many things, could never teach to be most best like a cattle dog.


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