Monday, July 11, 2011

Hear tell that red is power color

Have story. Few days ago, went to the island. Except for boat, was okay and fun. Am getting used to island and the pack there, especially young pups. Realize, can relax bit around pups even though are such fun. Think it helps that pack sometimes ignore. Medium sized one that look kind of like Jacinta but not really say, “Is time to let Vertigo play by self now” and Jacinta smiles. Is true. Like to play by self. Then can get tired quick and can relax.

Anyway. So sorry. The story. Well, were going back to evil boat. Got in back of ute which is so love, but Jacinta put pretty grey lead on side of ute! Then she forget about it! Ute drives off and whoosh, pretty grey lead fall off ute! Jacinta so kind of disappointed. When got to main land (after evil boat, but at least sat in crate so was bit more comfortable), went to work of Jacinta. Like to go to work of Jacinta. Got lots of pats. And was got new collar and lead! So red. Think red is good color for. Looks good on fur.

So all was happy but THEN!!!! Next day family of Jacinta say, have found grey lead! So now have extra set of collar and lead just in case. Think though, will like to use red collar and lead for while. Good change of pace. Keeps life interesting.

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