Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have big apology

Have not yet told about rats! Ugly rats! Ugly rats living in house!

Do not even know where to start. Have been ugly rats living in house for few weeks now. What is worse, tried to warn Jacinta. Tried to say, look! Are ugly rats! But would not listen. Only would coo at ugly rats and scowl when tried to get rats away.

Can not even express loathing. Wish could tell all about feelings for ugly rats but are too many feelings. But am sorry for not telling sooner.

Here. Can have pictures of ugly rats, so can tell how ugly are. Is difficult for to take pictures of rats, because are so ugly that ugly rats break camera. Make all blurry and stuff. Must fix camera by having Jacinta take picture of pretty things like Cattle Dogs.

Oh right. Pictures of rats.

Hear Jacinta say, are called Bella and Tequilla. Often hear her call dark ugly rat Bonnie instead. Hear her call light ugly rat many things, but none too many times. Think, she confused by light ugly rat perhaps, does not know what to call. Think, should be called Stinky Ugly Attention Stealer.

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