Thursday, July 14, 2011

Owwie owwie owwie owwie

vAm so pained. Is not good day today. Yesterday was playing with sister of Jacinta when all of sudden OW! Felt sharp pain in toe on right front paw. Look down to see, is bleeding! Is toenail ripped off!

For morning, Jacinta go, "Do call vet? No, will see if is okay. Should probably call vet. No, will give few hours."

Then for afternoon, Jacinta go, "Do call vet? Hmmm. Will make lunch first. Please feel better Vertigo!"

For me, was such pain. Tried not to show, but could not settle. Would only pace around house, then stand and stare and Jacinta and sister. Would pick paw up and down, up and down, up and down.

So off went to vet. Tried to be brave puppy. First, after saying hello to nice people and sniffing cat and being weighed (have lost weight! Am svelte), was put on table that hate and man vet looked at paw. Sprayed stuff that so stung on paw. But then soon paw started to feel less numb, more tingly. Was kind of good. After paw went tingly, had to have MOST EVIL MUZZLE put on nose. Is fault of Jacinta. Was so betrayed. Could have gone without but Jacinta said, that might want to put muzzle because am mouthy. Mouthy!! So rude. So had to have muzzle and go in back away from Jacinta where many people held neck and paw. Then had nail clipped! So hate for nails to be clipped! Course must admit that once nail was clipped bit, felt better because nail was not hitting floor and catching on things and hurting.

Was venomated with venomate which was due at end of month anyway, and was venomated with other thing that, did not like at first, but then started to make feel woozy and silly and sleepy. Was good feeling. Went home and was not so hurt feeling. But actually, is still pretty hurt feeling. Thank goodness that have little pills to take for next few days to stop from so hurting.

Could handle pain though. Could handle pain. Have worst news of all. Can not play agility or frisbee or ball until nail is healed!!! Could be weeks from now!! And until then, only gentle walks. That means, only Jacinta-speed walks. How can cope? Do not know.

Plus also have to wear pink sock with cherries on. What is with? Do not know.

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  1. Owww. Poor vertigo. I hope you foot heals quickly. Banjo has been to the vet too. He had chewed the base of his tail raw. Turns out it was fleas. We haven't had problems with fleas down hear for 10 years, but this year is bad, apparently. So now he and the cats have had flea treatments and Banjo has a nice soothing cream to rub on the sore spot. Also, he is starting to put on weight again. We were very worried about him a couple of weeks ago, because he had lost a significant amount of weight. It may have been after effects of the CHOCOLATE incident. Please Vertigo, don't eat chocolate. It can make doggies very sick.


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