Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At moment, have only one thing to say

Miss evil stepmummy. Miss evil stepmummy so much. Miss extra walk that could have in afternoon when was here. Miss extra cuddles in morning and evening. Miss playing and playing and playing so extra.

But most of all miss seeing Jacinta Mummy so happy. Was obvious. Was so happiest with evil stepmummy. Would like for to happen again.

Is okay. Am good dog. Am super dog, and am Vertigo. Will love Mummy and give kisses and cuddles. Will keep company until can see evil stepmummy again. Will be pillow and toy and most of all friend. Will lick face when cries and will listen when screams. Will be so good to talk to and will bring to Mummy her best stuffed animals when is sitting alone on couch.

Do not worry evil stepmummy. Am taking good care of Jacinta. Am taking such good care.

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