Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Letter From Evil Stepmummy

Darling Vertigo,

As I write this, 13,000 miles away from you, I’m struck with how much I miss about you already. Even though we only met about three weeks ago when I came to see your mummy, by the time I left you and I had formed a beautiful, close, respectful relationship.
I miss your joie de vivre! The way you delight in the uniqueness of every single stick or the way you were determined to catch the “evil waves” was adorable. Everything is your favorite thing and your joy is infectious. You will make a wonderful agility dog because of this joy. Mum never has to tell you what obstacle to go to next because you just GO. You run and run and run until you are at the end and get yummy chicken chunkers. I was so sad seeing you on the ferry when the joie de vivre had gone out of your eyes. But the simple tossing of a Frisbee was enough to bring your happiness back.

I miss your silly snuggles. Being pounced on in the morning while being told, “Time to wake up!!! Come play with!!!!!!!” made me laugh even though it infuriated your mother. And sometimes you get a little bit too excited when you cuddle, so I tried to keep you very calm. If I was calm, you were calm, and those made for the best snuggles. Especially those times that Mummy threw you out of her bed so you came and slept in mine!

I miss your delightful manners. I know that some people consider you to be nutty or very overexcited, but I was lucky enough to spend time with you on the mainland, just with your mummy, where there weren’t lots of exciting people to get you worked up. Dog, when you are calm and focused, you are an amazing dog, and I’m so glad that I got to see that. When we went on walks without Mummy, you would obey me. And around the house, you listened to (almost) whatever me or Mum would say. The island is a very exciting place, isn’t it? The young pack is so loud and boisterous! It makes sense that you would want to play and play and play there. But I’m glad that I got to see you at your calmest and your best.

Dear puppy, I had waited a very long time to meet you. Your Mum and I have been friends for a very long time and I was so glad when she got you. You really helped her and continue to help her be okay even though she is very far away from me and her loved ones. I was so excited to meet you but I wasn’t sure how we were going to get along. But I feel so blessed that you and I formed such a wonderful relationship filled with snuggles, races in the surf, and love.

Evil Stepmummy

P.S. Keep an eye on those rats for me. They creep me out almost as much as they scare you.

Today's post brought to you by the lovely Glenna and the number 14.
Love you m'dear!

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