Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun that has been this week

As Jacinta may have told, was not feeling well day before yesterday. Tummy was sore and slept all day. Am doing much better now, thank you. And also, have new bag of food!

Most fun thing want to talk about is the river. On Sunday, took first time down to river and let off leash. Shh, don't tell council! Am very good dog off leash, okay? Okay.

Well, is best to explain by pictures!

And also a video, when it decides to work.

Other things this week:
Have gone to dog park three times. Am unsure still of other dogs, because what if are supervillians? But maybe are not so bad after all. Take Jacinta to park and play on other side of fence. While other dogs are stuck in fence, can play fun noise game and cuddles with Jacinta. Also can sniff and will not pounce on.
In class today, played nicely with all puppy friends. Not nervous even!

Am teaching Jacinta few new things to feed for. Mostly, am teaching to feed when stay still. When sit and sit and sit and stare at her she feed! Not just one kibble but keep feeding as long as sit and sit and sit! Also teaching her when look at her eyes, to feed. Am so cute when ask. Am always cute but am so cute because nod head like am saying "yes, feed!" Also am teaching, when sit straight in front, to feed. Will not feed unless am sitting right facing her. Not facing to left. Not facing to right. Must line tail and nose up with feet. And on walks, can get her to feed if run to her when she says certain noise! Also can get fed by picking twig up and when says certain noise, drop twig.

Want to fly. Am superdog, wonder if can fly. When walk over bridge always stick head out to see water below, and think about flying.

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