Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New calling in life

Editor's note: Opinions of the superpuppy do not necessarily reflect those of the sidekick.

Other night was new thing for life:
AGILITY TRAINING. Think is called "Agility Training" as cover story but is training school for super dogs.

Went in evening to new place with many dogs. Was so excited to meet all dogs. Soon, was even more excited. Was getting food for to do things like standing on wooden block and jumping over colored foam stick. And then was even more excited for getting to play with tug toy!! Played so much with tug toy then got food for letting go. But was very excited so kept grabbing toy out of Jacinta's pocket.

Went through small tunnel. Was at first nervous but found that could get Jacinta to play with by going through. Now pull to go through.

Do not get to run and leap like other dogs yet though. Something about growing joints. Bark at other dogs. Want to learn superpowers like them. Am so so so so excited. Want to go back and learn more. And get more chicken. And more play.

Then next night was at puppy class. Was frustrated with only normal puppies, not super. Had to bark at because were only boring normal puppies with small puppy brains and were slow to learn. Wanted to learn superpower things. Other puppies so dumb. But no wonder could not learn. Teachers wanted to show other puppies how to learn by "AH-AH" and yanking on leads, not by cooperation and nice food. Use nice food but also use "AH-AH" even when are confused and unsure what to do. Poor dumb normal puppies. Can not learn that way, for only have small brains. Even very big Dozer who is 3 times bigger than has small brain. Needs many treats.

Was good to bond with Jacinta at nights. After sleep in lair for bit, can come up on bed. Love because can cuddle. Am love cuddle. Will sleep on Jacinta's feet or in between legs or on tummy or pressed up against side. Other night slept with Jacinta's arms around. Was so love. Normal dogs not often like so much, but love cuddle.

Now. Must go zoom more. Have been zooming for hour already. Must practice jumping and running under things for "Agility Training" also known as SUPERDOG TRAINING SCHOOL!

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