Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New toys!

Got new chewy this week! Is cow toe. Smells like cow and so good.

Also got new squeak toy because Kanga died. Is nice squeak and fun to run around with and chew and squeak and kill.

Both feel so good on teeth. Am changing teeth. Have big teeth coming in in back of mouth and am loosing little teeth at front of mouth. Feel like am like Babe, with only gums in floppy mouth. Is hurt to get all new teeth but Jacinta is so good to get lots of nice chews for. Not need to chew other things like table leg and shoes and clothes and blankets. Well, only a little bit clothes and blankets because they feel so good.

But today, killed new squeak toy. Killed it dead. Was no more squeak and no more stuffing.


  1. We have found that the best chew toy for Banjo has been those big ropes with knots in them. Anything else only lasts 5 minutes - even the basketball we got thinking he couldn't get his teeth into that!

  2. And I am so sorry to hear that Kanga died. He was so cute.


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