Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Secret Beach

Have almost got down getting Jacinta to feed for sitting at side. Only problem- she is stupid and so must only sit straight ahead and lined up with leg, or will not click. Want food, girl. Give food.

Also today went to new beach. At first was hard because family kept going away from!!! Was scared and annoyed. Pack must stick together or will get lost! So screamed and screamed but Jacinta would not let go catch up. Does she not understand? Pack must stick together! Even later, most of family went down to beach but Jacinta would not take, because would not walk in spiky grass and also could not find way on tricky rocks. Jacinta would not carry. So sat up on rock and watched pack on beach.

Hello down there, pack!
After a nice nap though, Jacinta decided would go down. (Not nap for her!) Was difficult and she had to carry through very spiky grass and tricky rocks. But once got down was awesome waves and awesome sand and awesome! All smelled like dead fish. Played all around in the waves and in sand. After, had to have Jacinta carry back through tricky rocks and spiky grass, but once got out of spiky grass, knew where to go and took Jacinta home, because she was very lost. Superdog senses save the day!

After got home, just had to take nap. (Jacinta too!) And after nap, walked to fish and chip shop. Pack still stupid and would not stay together, so had to yell some more. Hopefully can teach them that must stay together.

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