Thursday, July 29, 2010

You-knee makes life tragic.

This week has been new and tragic. Jacinta is going to "you-knee" every day. Locks in lair. Sometimes cry to be let out, but she doesn't come back, so mostly am quiet now. On Monday, am alone for over 2 hours. On Tuesday, am alone for only little over one hour. Wednesday, hardly get to see Jacinta in morning, than am left alone for over 2 hours, then see Jacinta for only hour then am left alone for over 3 hours. Is most tragic thing to happen ever. On Thursday, hardly get to see Jacinta in morning then is gone for over 2 hours, but thankfully then Jacinta comes back and stays all day. On Friday, am alone for over 2 hours.

Watch, watch.

Is only fun if watch!
When Jacinta comes home though, will not always play! Sure, will play for half an hour or so but then will say, "Go to sleep. Or play by self. Now have to study." Is so cruel! Is best to play when Jacinta watches every move. When is not paying attention, is no fun at all. So instead, find fun things to make pay attention. Best is shoes, plastic bags, or cockroach baits.

Today evening though, had very fun time at training class. Is class with many puppies. Some little and scared, others very boisterous, but one best friend. Name of Keisha and is girl Husky. Is best player ever. Love playing with her.
Also, had good time showing off how well trained have Jacinta. Could get her to feed for sit and for down and for nice walking and for coming. Even was getting her to play fun collar game where growl when she touches collar then she clicks and treats. Somehow, do not think that click means what she thinks it means.


  1. He is getting to be so lanky - but still so cute. You could almost convince me to get another dog if he was like Vertigo - Almost...

  2. Am adorable. How could you not want another dog if just like?

  3. I DO want a dog just like you, Vertigo, but I don't think Banjo would approve! Or the cats!


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