Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best Day Ever

Best thing ever. Guess what. Rained today. Rain is so awesome. Is big rain drops along house. When saw, just knew had to chase rain. Ran up and down for over twenty minutes. Was so awesome! Best day ever. Said to rain, "You are rain! You are wet rain! Will bite you!" then bit wet rain. Was so frenzied at rain. After came inside, Jacinta got big dry towel to dry off. Felt so nice, and big dry towel also fun to bite. Then was dry. Cattle Dog fur so best for being wet. Dries fast. But very liked to be dried then sat in Jacinta's lap for cuddles and kisses.Will catch you, wet rain.

Hi. Am wet!

Thanks for making robe cuggly! Wait, is not right.

'Nother thing have done today is be sneaking in many trickery things. In morning, was given stuffed Kong as usual while Jacinta also ate. When was empty, wanted chew on chairs. Jacinta say no chew on chairs. Kept sticking Kong in mouth to make chew Kong. So balanced Kong on chair. Look like was chewing Kong but really tasting chair. So clever but Jacinta soon found out.

Then later was not allowed downstairs because kept chewing shoes. Was okay because took old tennis ball to play with at top of stairs. Oops, tennis ball fall off stair! Must go get it. And also a shoe. No, Jacinta. Did not mean to come get shoe. Only got tennis ball. Shoe jumped into mouth! Bad shoe.

Also like usual, took stick over to pillow so could chew pillow.

Here is other thing have done today. Am teaching Jacinta very neat trick. All have to do is stand on book with front feet then wait for Jacinta to walk in circle. When she moves, must move with her. See here:
Jacinta say something about "teaching to pivot with front feet in place for left turns in heeling". Not quite know what means by "heeling". Think maybe she sometimes uses word when are on walks together. When get her to feed by staring while walk and sit when stop. Not sure. Also mention that this movie here is the neat lady who taught her to do this. That neat lady and her dog look neater than. Probably because she very skilled and practiced.

Now time to collapse into sleep. Am so tired from awesomest day ever. In the morning will bite Jacinta until she gets up the nice videos.

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