Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Has been too long since have updated

All must know about all! Much interesting has happened.

Of most import was meeting fellow superhero last week, name of Pro-Plan Man. Is best superhero because superpower is bring food to all hungry puppies! Hooray! Briefly discussed with him what all superheroes discuss. Can not tell you, is secret.

Have taken many walks with Jacinta and also friend along river. Often see these two large dogs walking. Walk very nicely but-- owner carries big stick. Not even speak softly, just big stick. Looks like, tap dog on nose with swinging stick when get out of place. Would not like that. Am glad have Jacinta under control! Are few people around here whose dogs not have under control. Once, when was nicely getting Jacinta to feed by walking next to on leash, dog only just wanted to say hi to. Dog try to say hi to, but person go crazy and yank leash. And yank and yank and yank. Could tell, dog was confused. So was person. With fun click noise though, communication with Jacinta is easy.

Have had good conversations with black dog under fence too. Is very nice and she sticks her head under fence to say hello! Jacinta not fan of, because thinks head will get stuck. But black dog very fun to sniff and bark at. Have new friend!

Today played with fun food toys! Like played with lettuce leaf. Was to make fun pile with ripped up lettuce. Also played with fun and very tasty passion fruit shell.
Is okay, Jacinta said could. Jacinta gave them to. But soon she take them away because would not let have fun for too long.

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