Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is a long hard day to be a puppy.

Yesterday, met good lady! She wanted to take home with her. She was so cuddly! Call her Cuddly Lady. Want to go home with her and cuddle all day.

Cuddly Lady plays with!

Also yesterday, chauffeur/sidekick took to place called "You-knee." Said, had to pick up a paper. Seemed pleasantly surprised at getting a "D" on one. Many people said was adorable!! Secret identity is obviously well hidden. One man said was a "fierce beast." He knows who am!
Must act more cute. When went to you-knee, chauffeur/sidekick let sit on backseat. But want to sit in front seat! Cried and cried about it. Screamed even. She will learn.

Also yesterday, protected neighbourhood from evil cars. Took sidekick/chauffeur to corner of street and got her to feed for to looking at her eyes. Very clever to make her do that! When look at her eyes, she give soft squishy meat. This also make cars not be mean. Cars just drive by if look at eyes. Not scary. Only, sometimes scary. Sometimes very loud and must walk on right side of c/s not left even though have her trained to feed on left. Cars sometimes too scary for food. Also big dogs scary. When get big, will show them thing or two. Will scare them, see how they like.

Remember how no toilet in super secret awesome lair? Well, thought toilet in kitchen and toilet on rug and toilet in utility room. But guess not. C/s come before get to pee, and tell "Uh oh, outside!" and pick up or clap. A little scary actually. But then run to door and go outside. Toilet there. Then c/s very happy and she play a bit with. Don't know how to tell her time to go outside. But if she take outside, I know to toilet. Must find way to communicate when need to go. Also guess what? Trained c/s to take outside in morning when yip. She very fast learner!

Much other things happen, today. Am getting comfortable with house. Now know that water is in super secret awesome lair and can go there if want drink. Run down hallway like crazy dog. Fun! Also fun to jump on side table. But c/s keeps taking off of. Is good to chase rope toy, then carry off where c/s can not see, and chew it. But now she follows! Want to be alone, you. Want to go into utility room to chew. Why follow?

Sock housemate wore socks today! Played with her socks. Was best thing ever!
Scared housemate petted today! Was best thing ever!
Girl Scared housemate played with kangaroo with. Was best thing ever!

Went on long walk. Was tiresome. Had c/s carry for some. Went to place that smelled like other dogs and something ick. Was frightened at first. Were 2 cats there. One big and one just a baby. Liked the baby but baby hissed at. Then barked at. Then baby hissed at again. Was nice lady who petted. Was also funny table thing, stood on. Numbers said 4.2 or 4.6 or something like that. Is how much weigh. Am big. Then 2 white dogs. Not like so much but sniffed one. But c/s said, "Is not vaccinated" whatever that means so white dog taken away. Mean man yelled at nice boy for letting dog near. Am sad for nice boy. Don't like to be yelled at. And liked to sniff white dog. Was not so scary once met.

Also went on other car ride. Climbed in front. Success! C/s has fun dog toy hanging from car ceiling but would not let play with. Was quiet once in front. Heard c/s mention something about a car harness. Took car to house with nice dog, c/s say name Axel. He so happy to see, and very interested to meet. C/s pick up and say, can't meet Axel. Axel very friendly though. Meet a man who gives chicken and other tasties! Sit very nicely for him. Tasty food man. Want to live with him. Lady cuddles so well. Not Cuddly Lady, but other lady who cuddles. Love cuddles. Want to live with her. Other lady who cuddles is awesome. Also human puppy. Like human puppy because he play. Can jump on him and chew!

*Yawn* Am very sleepy. But other happened today. Was long day.
Taught c/s to feed when lying down! Am very clever to think of. But now won't always feed when sit. Makes funny noise and only when she makes funny mouth noise and sit, will click noise and treat come. She is dumb sometimes. But also taught to feed when touch hand with nose, and when she holds paw and puts funny metal thing to paw. To above is making c/s feed! So clever!

Yuck! Yuckiest thing today! Smelly cream! C/s put smelly cream on her. Does she think smells GOOD?! Smells awful. Must rub face and body on carpet for 5 minutes then hide from smell under bed. Then rub face and body on grass outside. Will not sleep in room tonight thank you, where is smelly. Will sleep in bathroom. Am brave enough.

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  1. Vertigo is so cute! And sits so nicely.
    Better tell Cuddly Lady not to play tug of war with Vertigo. Cattle Dogs have VERY STRONG jaws. When he grows up you will NEVER win! (Unless of course you train him to "drop it".) - Also, expect all but the most sturdy of dog toys to be destroyed within minutes :-D


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