Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have been venomated!

Life on the island has been busy. So many people around. Little boy who runs around like a crazy, and has very nice toys. Love his toys. Play with his toys all the time. Nice Toy Boy leaves bedroom door open and toys on floor just for! Nice Toy Boy's parents also neat. Good to play with. Very friendly but can not jump on them. They don't play when jump on.

Can get Jacinta to feed me just by staring at her while walk! So easy! But evil cars. The evil cars. The evil cars scare so much. Near road, no space to stay away from cars. Zoom by SO fast. Scary. Hide. Jacinta feed while cars go by but too scared. Only more scared because so much noise. If stand on side away from cars it is not so scary but still a little scary. But when no cars, walks very nice. Then so tired. Today, was so tired could not move. Just collapse.

Scary dogs across road. First one come and poop in yard. Jacinta spray smelly chemical all over, say "to keep safe, because don't know if healthy." Then today while taking walk both come and yap yap yap at. Jacinta picked up. She was scared, think. They bark lot. Sound mean. She yell, "Can you get your dogs, please?" Then lady come out and say sorry and say is irresponsible and sorry. Think, most of all irresponsible because of evil cars. Yesterday evil car almost hit her dog. Hopefully she keep dogs in.

Toy called Kong sometimes has food. Is good food but is frustrating. Bark at to say, "Give food!!!!!" Ate lots of other yummies. Ate raw zucchini, ate watermelon. Ate lamb and sausage and ham and cheese. Eat lots of crumbs!

Also more teaching Jacinta to feed. She get so dumb, have to do incredible things for her to notice. Must walk backwards, or sit on hind legs. Only then does she see and click and feed.

Today was pretty bad day though. Had to go to vet lady. Was nice- at first. But then injected with venom! Venom I tell you! Stung so much. Had to cry and cry. Still stings in back. Not want to be touched on back right now. Snapped at Jacinta when tried to pet or pick up. Am so sore. Want to feel better. Will sleep venom off. Am super-dog.

Tomorrow, will pounce on Jacinta until takes pictures. Will have pictures next time.

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