Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Super Heroes DO NOT sleep with teddies.

So much has happened last few days. Is so crazy! Learned the Chauffeur/sidekick's name is Jacinta. Suppose will refer to her as such in future.
Family of Jacinta come into town. Love boy human puppy. He so cuddly and love. Girl human puppy also love and cuddly. Older girl and parents also cuddle and love. Also met many other members of family. Too many to list but was all so fun.

Was scary girl at park though, who tried to grab head. Jacinta told her off. Said, is too scary.

Girl who came to get from airport has come over a few days to watch the boring screen with Jacinta. Like to type on boring screen but girl who came to get from airport and Jacinta watch show that goes something like "Dunnn, DUNN dunnn. Doo dooo doo! Doo doo doo!" Is hard to say. Sounds boring but get cuddles while watch.
Today very awesome. Went to beach. Not get to play in water or sand, but was fun. Lots of people. Girl who came to get me from airport had birthday party with fun friends. Also, got to meet a young child who was polite and not grab on head. Petted on side, and Jacinta fed. Nasty people say when walk past with their dogs and Jacinta was feeding, say, "When is 6 months old, can take him to Canine Obedience Club of Townsville." Like she not know what is doing. Nasty uneducated people. Think is an idiot. Grrr. Want to growl at.
At beach- pretty awesome!

Have decided to be quiet in car. As long as can sit in front seat, will be hush.
Also today, got toenails clipped on front paws. Got lots of treats! And also, got new nametag. Very handsome, Jacinta say. Says am Vertigo. Nobody will think am Mister Squiggles!The Awesome new nametag. Feel so grown-up.

Was very sleepy after all of this. But this photo, all set up, really! Superheroes do not sleep with teddies. *Chews Kanga*

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