Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 2 has started off on the wrong paw.

In the night, was sitting in kitchen with chauffeur/sidekick when housemate came out. Was scared that it might be a mean person sneaking in so barked at him. He was scared. Chauffeur/sidekick yelled at. That was mean. Was SCARED! She said was a "bad dog." No! She said sorry later, and that she felt she had to, for sake of housemate. But she was wrong to do that. Was just scared.
On plus, c/s decided she needed to keep her safe, so am allowed in kitchen. Knew she would see that was right.

Have realized made big mistake when buying secret lair. Is no toilet! Realized this morning and really needed to pee. Tried to tell the chauffeur/sidekick, but she is a little bit dense. When tried to tell her with high pitched yelps she said "When are quiet, can come out." Tried to tell her nicely but had to show her how much needed to pee. Hated having to pee in lair but she got the message. Maybe she will build toilet in super awesome secret lair. Although am superdog on a mission, still have physiology of 8 week old puppy, which means small bladder. The chauffeur/sidekick must remember this in the future.

Where did agent find this chauffeur/sidekick? In the internet classifieds or something?! Might fire her. She is one rude cookie when she is tired. Her fault for staying up way too late last night reading blogs, and keeping up late with her giggles. In this morning, chewed on her sweater and she grabbed face. Was too mean of her. Can't believe she did it. It is not the way to treat a super dog. Well, is only human and not a super dog. Can not expect loads of awesomeness from her.

She promised get to meet her friends today. Tomorrow get to meet some of her family. Hopefully none of them are rude and grab face.

Also, was teaching c/s a new cue for food. Just walk into lair. Then BAM, fun click noise and piece of kibble. Is easy. Then she get stupid, and not feed unless sitting. Then, she not pay attention unless make put nose on floor of lair. Where is she going with this?

Will post some pictures of when meet awesome friends.

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