Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boats are fun then not so fun

Have went to "Maggie Island" now. First, got on big boat. Was AWESOME. Was wind in face, and very nice. But then, started to feel tummy sick. Cuddled with Jacinta to feel better. Why feel so tummy sick? Was having so much fun! But no. Had to be tummy sick. Then was sick all over Jacinta. Felt so sick! Was very happy to get off big boat.

After bad boat, went to new house. House has evil invisible walls. Keep running into them. Hurts my nose. Is good house though. Shower smells so awesome. Have to lick and lick and lick the floor of. Jacinta not happy with. Also nice yard. Kind of not much space but goes up into mountain. Lots of things to smell. Also, pool! Jumped in and swam. Did not know could swim but can. Then was wet. Rolled in dirt to dry self.

Later, all got in car and went to beach! Was beach where could go on sand and in water. Dug lots in sand. Chased boy puppy and bit his ankles, like good cattle dog. Boy puppy not happy with. Then chased water and bit white foam. Was salty. Sometimes white foam catch. Got wet.

Also played with many nice people. All say am so adorable. A few say am vicious. They know my secret identity. How they know?

What else. Went to other beach but only on grass. Practiced training Jacinta. Would lie down, she would click. Some people liked to watch. Much nicer people than mean nasty "When is 6 months old, can take him to Canine Obedience Club of Townsville" man. Grrrrrr.

Found out, Jacinta will feed if stay in crate alone! She walk away, stay in crate, she clicks. Sometimes get nervous and follow her but she just stops, then stare at her and go back to crate. Am so clever. She feeds me then.

This morning, took walk. Was fed for walking nicely and looking at Jacinta. Was also fed when cars go by. Maybe think maybe like cars. Maybe. Was good walk though and good breakfast. Got back inside and played with Kangaroo and Rope. Then took big nap. Wonder what else will do today!

Oh and silly Jacinta has no battery in camera. Silly silly Jacinta. Am hoping charger is in fun rolling box with clothes and things. But for now, no pictures.

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