Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tale of Two Frustrations

Have two stories to tell, of people who do not know what is what.

First, Jacinta was talking to lady and said was professional dog trainer but not working right now. Lady said, "Really or is that just what you call yourself?" and Jacinta answered yes she actually has done dog training for others but took a break for Uni and lady looked at her like "yeah right, sure hon." Was so rude and Jacinta was really hurt when she told about.
Second was man today on walk. Wanted to go sniff grass bit, but must cooperate with Jacinta to get what want. If pull, she stops. But have trained her that if look at her and make leash loose, will start walking again. But today, was little bit distracted and did not look right away. Man walks by and says, "Do you have a choker chain, dahl?" Jacinta said, "No, I don't need one" and again, looked at like was crazy. Could smell anger and frustration on her. But helped her to feel better by jumping up on brick wall and being spaz and jumping off like superdog. But walking nice. So was okay but still could tell that it hurts Jacinta when people do not know.

Feel better! Am superdog!

On way back, one thing was even better. Lady with three dogs walking towards. Could smell dogs were very happy and loved lady, and all were walking nice. For some reason, Jacinta thought could not handle distraction of three dogs so had sit instead of heel past. And lady with three dogs got all excited about how well behaved am and how cute am and how is right way to train. Could tell, Jacinta was very happy to have somebody agree with.

And for serious? Superdogs do not train with check chains. Would not stand for.
Would not train with! Would bite and bite and bite. Have much dignity.

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