Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Am handsome. Do not deny.

Look how handsome have grown to be! Am so grown up.

Other day was Jacinta came back! No more to live with Man Who Gives Chicken and Cuddly Lady. Was much much fun. Ate many foods and played with other dog at times. Went swims and played with the fun young boy. Played ball and dug.

Now can have fun of cuddles with Jacinta. So cuddles. And can go back to superdog training school. And also am start cover school. Is school with normal dogs to say, "No, am not superdog. See? Only can sit and stay."


  1. Yes, you are very handsome, Vertigo, but I hear you are also very naughty.

  2. He probably just pretends to be naughty in order to hide his superdoggedness!


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