Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vacation, all ever wanted

Last week, was on vacation!  Is why could not blog, because was in a yard most of time.  Was nice though.  Was with friend Sonya, and she so love.  Play frisbee, and play water splashies, and play run and run and run.  Also went on walks in parks.  Got to do very much fun things.  Now am back home with Jacinta.

Jacinta replaced with other cattle dog while was gone!  Am so upset.  Played and walked with other dog, name of Banjo.  Would like to bite and bite and bite.  Jacinta say, would be bad idea.  Could be massive fight.

Here is photo of evil Banjo who stole fun Jacinta.

Jacinta also went to see fun things, like baby kangaroos.  Would have liked for to chase baby kangaroos.

 Though also, is so cute.

Next without, Jacinta went to visit friend and cat, name of Khan.  Think, is new evil that must watch out for, just in case.

 Evil, fuzzy, blurry kitty

Last and most evil, Jacinta got to see BIG cat.  BIG EVIL cat.  BIG EVIL CAT THAT CAN BEG.  Just like self.  But am better than big cat.  Am superdog.

Think, would not like to meet big cat.  No thank you.

Is nice to now be back home with Jacinta, back to normal life.  Walks and beach and runs in hills, clicker games and fetch and swims in river.  Though very recently Jacinta seem stressed, don't quite understand.  Is to do with school, but is also to do with something else... must investigate.

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