Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got The Tweeter

Have caved in, just like agility tunnel when jump on top of instead of run inside.  Have signed up for The Tweeter.  Think could be fun for to tweet to fun tweeters, only do not know many.  Could indeed be fun.

Or could be bad thing.  Maybe will not like and will stop with The Tweeter and do blog only.  But best friend Glenna did so want for to tweet with, so will try.

Is frustrating, because have not been able to yet upload picture.  Have lovely picture for to upload for The Tweeter.

No, not this picture silly.  Very handsome picture.

If would like to tweet with on The Tweeter, please do find!  Am SirSquiggles.

Have other post for later, but first must get sidekick to fix drawing tablet.  Needs bit in computer updated for to work properly, and is take so long to get on computer.  Would like to bite.  Instead will keep to chew tasty bone.

Original image from here.

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